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Personal Information
Date of Birth September 22, 1980
Hometown Grand Rapids, MI
Current Location Portland, OR
Profession Volunteer Mermaid with The Oregon Mermaids and Manager of Helen's Pacific Costumers
Friend Elisha McLaughlin
Friend Zack Rearick
Sally Joy Newman is a friend of Elisha McLaughlin and Zack Rearick. She is currently working as a mermaid and the manager of a costume shop.She met Zack while she was a part of the English Department at Georgia State University, and she met Elisha on a sunken ship while looking for long lost pirate gold. 

Fun Facts!Edit

  • Like her daughter, Jessi's favorite colors are purple and sparkle. 
  • Her favorite Disney movie is Robin Hood.
  • Her dad knows one of the writers for the television show Scandal.
  • She LOVES The Hunger Games, so much so that she named her dog after Finnick.
  • Jessi is lactose intolerant.