Sister/Junior Bridesmaid
Personal Information
Date of Birth May 23, 2001
Hometown Charlotte, NC
Current Location Charlotte, NC
Profession Student at Independence High School
Mom Lisa Rearick
Dad John Rearick
Brother Zack Rearick
Brother Antoine Rearick
Sister Ally Rearick
Cat Toulouse Rearick
Dog Flush Rearick

Alexi Joy Rearick is Zack Rearick's youngest sister and a junior bridesmaid. She is currently a student at Independence High School. Her two favorite things in the world are professional wrestling and Oreos. This year, Lexi got to go to TWO professional wrestling events when they came to Charlotte. Feel free to ask her all about them at the wedding. She'd love to tell you about it! #lexlove

Fun Facts Edit

  • One year for Christmas, Lexi got over 100 Oreos. It was exactly what she wanted.
  • Lexi once score upwards of 16 points in a basketball game for her middle school, and she was then awarded the nickname Lexi "Superstar" Rearick.
  • Lexi's favorite Disney Movie is Hercules.