Personal Information
Date of Birth May 7, 1994
Hometown Adana, Turkey
Current Location Goose Creek, SC
Profession Nuclear Specialist in the Navy
Friend Elisha McLaughlin
Friend Thailer Komestat

Kayin Ari Zjhymcaro Smith is one of Elisha McLaughlin's best friends. Kai was born Adana, Turkey. He and Elisha met when he was attending Georgia State University. The two were in a Freshman Learning Community with Thailer Komestat, but Kayin was not in Zack's English 1101 class. Later, Kayin started working at Godiva Chocolate after Elisha recommended him for a job. He quickly regretted his decision, but stayed on for around six months after Elisha left. Over winter break of their sophomore year, Kayin informed Elisha and Thailer that he would be joining the military. The following fall, he left for bootcamp. Kayin now lives on a navy base in South Carolina where he studies at NNPTC to become a nuclear opperator. 

 Fun Facts!Edit

  • Kayin loves learning laguages. He can speak French fluently and is currently working on Spanish and Japanese.
  • His favorite Disney movie is Aladdin.
  • Unforuntely for him, he thinks that the movie The Cube is actually good. It's not. He's wrong.
  • He once freestyled for 15 minutes straight, and it was, surprisingly, pretty good. 
  • Kayin's goal is to one day live in Australia.