Mother of the Bride & Bridesmaid
Personal Information
Date of Birth June 25, 1966
Hometown Newport, MN
Current Location Cambridge, MN
Profession School Bus Driver for the Cambridge School System; Instructional Assistant at Intermediate School
Boyfriend Roger Johnson
Daughter Elisha McLaughlin
Son Andrew McLaughlin
Cat Stripes
Cat Marmalade
Jannine Marie McLaughlin is Elisha McLaughlin's mom, best friend, and bridesmaid. She is originally from Newport, MN and has lived in different parts of Minnesota for her whole life. For upwards of seven years, Jannine ran a horse boarding business on McLaughlin's Hilltop Farm. She loved it, but eventually she decided to move up to northern Minnesota. Jannine a school bus driver for Cambridge Public Schools and works in the intermediate school as an Instructional Assistant. Whenever Elisha comes to visit, the two go to either the Mall of America or the Burnsville Mall, get Caribou Coffee, and go to Noodles for lunch. Jannine's favorite place to visit is Oregon, and she and Elisha hope to go back there together someday. Jannine currently lives in Cambridge, MN with her son (and Elisha's brother), Andrew McLaughlin, her two cats, Stripes and Marmalade, and her motorcycle, Toothless.

Fun Facts! Edit

  • Jannine's motorcycle is named after Toothless from the Dreamworks movie How to Train Your Dragon.
  • She loves to eat peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. Yes, they are just as gross as they sound.
  • In high school, Jannine was a cheerleader for a while. She really enjoyed it, but when she switched schools, she stopped cheering.
  • Her favorite Disney movie is Sleeping Beauty.
  • One year, Jannine and Elisha baked 14 different kinds of Christmas cookies. It took them three days, countless pounds of butter, and about four of Santa's elves.