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This wiki is for our upcoming wedding. Feel free to take a look around and get to know us and our bridal party. You can find information regarding the wedding here, along with a link to our registry, our engagement story, and more! A bit of information about the reception up front so that everyone is on the same page. Due to personal preference, we will not be serving alcohol at our wedding reception, but will instead be having delicious soft drinks and refreshing water.

If you have any questions for Elisha and Zack, please feel free to email them at

If you have questions on the day of the wedding, please call Thailer Komestat, the maid of honor, at 678-588-6110.


Here are links to all of the important pages on our wiki. If there is any information you need that you cannot find in the following list, go ahead and search for it in the "Search this wikia."

-Elisha McLaughlin

-Zack Rearick

-How We Met Each Other



-The Wedding

-Bridal Party

-Our Engagement Story


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