Personal Information
Date of Birth September 7, 1989
Hometown Santa Paula, CA
Current Location Santa Paula, CA
Profession Doula
Boyfriend Ian Fitzgerald
Friend Zack Rearick

Becky "Sis" Berkley is Zack Rearick's best friend from his time in Wilmington. Becky and Zack met during a poetry reading in downtown Wilmington and immediately became close friends. The two spent countless hours at her house watching Baggage, the best game show ever. Becky is the proud mother of two wonderful children, Darien and River. Becky currently lives in Santa Paula, CA, where she works as a caretaker.

Fun Facts! Edit

  • She is a registered doula.
  • Her favorite Disney movie is Mulan.
  • Becky is the proud owner of a 150 year old desert tortoise named Timmy. He was grandfathered into her family in the 1950's.
  • She is not a loaf of bread.
  • She once met Zach Galifianakis, but he was kind of a jerk to her.