Groomsman/Little Brother
Personal Information
Date of Birth June 1, 1999
Hometown Charlotte, NC
Current Location Charlotte, NC
Profession Student at Independence High School
Mom Lisa Rearick
Dad John Rearick
Brother Zack Rearick
Sister Ally Rearick
Sister Lexi Rearick
Cat Toulouse Rearick
Dog Flush Rearick

Antoine Michael Rearick is Zack Rearick's little brother. Antoine enjoys basketball, rap music, shoes, and avoiding his schoolwork. Antoine currently lives in Charlotte, NC with the rest of Zack's family, where is a high school student at Independence High School and runs a small basketball shoe trading business. He is also a diehard Charlotte sports fan. Go Panthers! Go Hornets!

Fun Facts! Edit

  • His favorite Disney movie is Tarzan.
  • He knows all the words to every song on Kanye West's album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.
  • Every Summer, he volunteers at Camp Holiday, a camp for children with Down Syndrome.
  • One time, Zack stole all of his money and used it to buy mints and then crushed them up and put them under his pillow as an absurdist hotel joke.
  • THIS.