Personal Information
Date of Birth December 13, 2000
Hometown Farmington, MN
Current Location Cambridge, MN
Profession Student at Cambridge Middle School
Mom Jannine McLaughlin
Stepmom Sharon McLaughlin
Dad Tom McLaughlin
Sister Elisha McLaughlin
Sister Mary Cartmill
Cat Stripes
Cat Marmalade
Dog Tucker
Andrew McLaughlin is Elisha McLaughlin's little brother and bridesmaid. He is seven years younger than Elisha, which will make him 15 years old at the time of the wedding. Andrew played football for his school team for a few years, and he really enjoyed it. He liked playing kicker. Andrew recently discovered that he loves longboarding (no, we didn't know what that was's pretty cool though!), so he spends a lot of time doing that with his friends. Andrew currently lives in Cambridge, MN with his mom, Jannine, and their two cats.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Andrew is around 6 feet tall, so he likes to call Elisha his "little sister."
  • When he was around two years old, he loved school buses. He loved them so much that Elisha's elementary school principal used to let him take rides after all of the kids were in school.
  • For at least a year of his life, Andrew's favorite movie was Ice Age. He watched it so often that his whole family used to be able to quote entire sections of the movie.
  • Andrew's favorite Disney movie is The Lion King, which, coincidentally, is also Elisha's favorite. She taught him well.